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Interested in studying at YALI?

In order to qualify for classes at the Yemen-America Language Institute, all new students and those who have not studied for four consecutive terms must take a placement exam.

This ensures that every student obtains the appropriate instruction based on their level of comprehension.



معهد يالي يهنيء خريجي الثانوية العامة بمناسبة التخرج ويعلن عن بدء التسجيل في البرنامج المكثف والمخفض , مواعيد امتحانات تحديد المستوى يوميآ من الاحد الى الخميس الساعة 12 ظهرآ

                                                Yemen-America Language Institute Yemen's Premier Language Institute

YALI's History and English Language teaching Experience

Founded by the United States Embassy in Sana’a in 1975, YALI now celebrates its 39th anniversary as the largest and most respected English language institute in Yemen. Supported by a range of public and private sponsors, individuals, and a number of bilateral and multilateral development sponsors, YALI's mission is to provide world-class English-language training to Yemeni students, employees and civil servants to help them achieve their personal and professional career goals. YALI also works to promote cultural understanding through it information programs and cultural activities.

YALI's Mission

YALI's mission to provide Yemeni students, professionals and organizations with access to world-class English-language training to help individuals and organizations realize their educational and occupational career and development goals.

YALI also works with other education and training institutions to upgrade and expand local capacity in the field of English-language education and training through the provision of technical assistance, training and information programs.

Your Future

With a rich and effective curriculum using well-known textbooks, challenging study materials and rigorous tests, it is no surprise that the YALI certificate is well regarded by businesses, government, and non-governmental organizations.

YALI students go on to study at universities abroad and lead successful careers. Among YALI’s graduates you will find embassy employees, government officials, business men and women, academics, journalists, translators, engineers, and doctors.